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          1. About SVG

            Message from the chairperson

            SVG strives to develop core technology and products through in-house R&D and a scientific approach. Our years of experience and achievements in the field of micro/nano manufacturing not only prove that flexible nano-printing can realize the integrated circuits precision standards and generate special optoelectronic functions, but also will surely advance nano printing for optoelectronics, advanced display, and ink-free 3D color patterns. As a company listed on the ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, SVG adheres the tenet of providing value-added services to customers and benefits from industry cooperation and support. Our aim is to promote the development of China’s nano-manufacturing technology and the whole industry and facilitate the “invented in China” initiative!

            Company Profile

            After years of development, SVG has become a model company for innovation in micro-/nano-optoelectronic materials, advanced display, and nano printing. It engages in the R&D and industrial processes of micro/nano optical printing materials, nano printing, 3D imaging materials, flat panel display (large size capacitive touch screen, ultra-thin light guide plate), high-end intelligent micro and nano equipment (nano imprint, micro/nano direct writing lithography, 3D light field printing, etc.) ...

            Group Structure

            SVG Tech Group is an innovation-driven high-tech enterprise listed on the A-share ChiNext market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: SVG 300331).

            Subsidiaries: Suzhou Nicrotek Co., Ltd., Yancheng Wisheng New Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou iVTouch Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu SVG New Material Technology Co., Ltd. ...


            At the end of 2001, SVG Tech Group was registered in the International Technology Park, Suzhou Industrial Park.

            In May 2002, it was officially put into operation.

            In its early days, SVG Tech Group was committed to the R&D of the “Holomaker Series”, a digital laser holographic plate-making system, and laser holographic plate-making technology and services ...

            Corporate Culture
            Comprehensive planning and resources integration: demand trends, problems, target markets, patent portfolio development
            Long-term development: function orientation, coordination, and goal balance
            Outstanding advantages: disruptive core technology, great foundation, effective techniques
            Opportunity development: value-added effect, identify new opportunities through solutions
            Unique and advanced: user value, continuous iteration, quality improvement
            Philosophy: Scale new heights in technology through independent innovation, and ink a new chapter of industrial development through win-win collaboration
            Honors and Certifications

            Welcome to SVG

            Party Building Center

            Promote scientific development, foster social harmony, and serve the people.

            Contact Us

            蘇州蘇大維格科技集團股份有限公司 SVG TECH GROUP
            Address: No.68 Xinchang Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China (South of Dushuhu Avenue, intersection with Jinyan Road)
            Tel:0512-6286 8882
            Fax: 0512-6260 0602


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